Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I haven't visited my blog for some time now as life has thrown up a few hurdles which I'm still trying to navigate.
This is by way of an explanation and an apology, both for my absence here and also my rather erratic opening times over the past year.
At this stage I'm unsure what the new year will bring. Whether the gallery can keep on keeping on or not. It's hard to believe that it opened in 1992 and until the last year has been open seven days a week. 
Amongst the various changes, our beautiful dog Sascha can no longer greet visitors here. Her arthritis is getting worse as are her hearing and sight. She will be 15 in January. I miss her company here and so many visitors ask "Where's the friendly dog?" She is also missed by the many who have been regular visitors over the years.
On a more cheerful note, several new works by local textile artist Sharron Shalekoff arrived at the weekend. They are quite a departure from her previous works. Her works "begin with hand-dyed fabrics where colours and shapes are created by the fluid movement of dyes. With the addition of either hand stitching and/or freestyle machine stitching, a narrative emerges and a tactile world is revealed for the viewer to explore and interpret."
Here's an image of one of the works that I took with my phone, but in a week or so there will be some professional images to show you.


'The hot sun, late afternoon, vibrating on the earth and its inhabitants'.

Hand-dyed cotton, ink. 
54 cm x 104.5 cm

Tiles in situ

An interesting application of my tiles.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Koala sighting in our beautiful bush gully

This is the first time I've seen a koala here for years. What a thrill. 
Hopefully there may be more.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thank you

Thanks to all who wished our dear Sascha a speedy recovery. She's doing really well now. Hopefully will not have yet another bout of the same. The sad thing though is that she is no longer free to come and go from the house to the gallery as she is very deaf and doesn't hear the cars any more. So the risk of her being run over is too great.
This picture is a couple of years old. She's much greyer now - a bit like her owner.....